Jumping or planning?


Over the years I’ve gone between

“jumping and the net will appear”
“making sure all my ducks are in a row before beginning.”

Not a whole lot of in-between as I tend to be an all or nothing kind of girl. After much debate within myself and loads of self analyzing I’ve finally come to the conclusion that the absolute BEST way to approach anything is

…what ever feels right at the moment!

You got it, no right or wrong, black or white here.

Sometimes spending oodles of time planning, studying, plotting, analyzing, and all the other ‘ings’ that can go with this method of getting things done are good. They’re necessary and needed even. Whether it’s to raise self-confidence or establish a knowledge base to propel forward, taking the time before beginning a project can be wonderful.

Other times, though, just jumping in and going for it rocks!

adrenaline rush,
the pressure of needing to hustle to make things happen,
the thrill of the unknown-

WOW!!! What a feeling!

And it’s amazing to me how often the net really does appear when we do our part by working, taking action, and trusting that it’ll all happen as needed.

Often there’s a bit of a combination of both methods at work. We spend years reading, studying, listening, learning from the people around us. At some point something inside says,

“Now’s the time…GO FOR IT!”

And *BAM* we find ourselves taking a leap- marriage, kids, jobs, hobbies, writing a blog (eek!)- whatever it is.

I’m in the ‘leaping’ category right now in my career and my art. But as I write this I see that it’s not really as big of a leap as it may feel or appear. It’s built on a foundation of 40+ years of experience which is now begging to be explored deeper and shared with the world!

So perhaps our nets don’t appear, perhaps they’re always beneath us.

It’s when we become brave enough to jump out of our comfortable ‘nests’ and soar with our soul open wide that we have the eyes to see them!

Let’s all hold hands and support each other wherever we are in our current journeys! Nets and ducks unite!


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  1. I am always going “guts up”. Wether it works out or does not…I know I gave it my best shot. Net is never there. I fall A LOT but eventually I get myself up. Getting a bit old and may break a few bones but will still…jump in…with both feet. Fearless!

    • I’ve looked up to you for many years now! You’re so full of adventure, artistic talent, and business knowledge. I don’t think there’s anything you can’t conquer! I’ve definitely watched you leap across many chasms…and you always find a way to make the leap look graceful.

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